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Our History

SwingClear began in 1946, when young Leonard Hagstrom, just back from WWII Air Corps, created a simple solution to rural mailbox problems. An inventor and machinist, Leonard created a mailbox post that had the vertical mailbox support off of the roadway, with the mailbox on a boom over the shoulder of the road. The boom would swing out of the way when winter plows came by. If the mailbox or post was impacted by the plow or the snow, it would swing away (hence the name) and right itself without complicated springs or return mechanisms.

This was a simple design for a seasoned inventor, and Leonard later obtained a design patent for his idea. Like all ideas, it took prototype after prototype to perfect the mailbox post. The first test took place on his own farm and at his brother-in-law's next door. These rural mailbox posts are still in service today — over 60 years later.

After years of reworking the basics and trying different variations, the current models evolved. Their simplicity, ease of installation, and elimination of snow shoveling were the hallmarks of the mailbox post design. The trademark look soon became a standard in the Northern Midwest for both residential and rural mailboxes. Just ask anyone who has had one, and they will tell you, "If you live in the country and you don't have a Swing Clear, you need one." With minor maintenance, they will last a lifetime. Endorsements came continually from the U.S. Postal Service, letter carriers, county highway departments — and of course, from people who no longer had to remove snow from around their mailboxes to get mail. Everyone also loved the quick 15-minute installation, which could be complete in summer or winter. Over the years, the Swing Clear mailbox post has been a resounding success. The SwingClear mailbox post is perfect for both residential and rural mailboxes.

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A Word From Our Owner

My name is Chuck Hagstrom. I am the second generation of Hagstroms to manufacture and market SwingClear Rural and Suburban mailbox support systems. Uncle Leonard invented them and was a partner with my father over 40 years in the machine shop and repair business. I grew up in the shop and finally, when I was 17, decided I just had to get out, sell, and install these mailbox supports. We did this part-time for most of a year before going off to college, having limited success with my friend, Steve. We admit we didn't make any sales records, but we always knew in the back of our minds that these were the best damn mailbox supports ever. Continuing to watch the supports we installed — and that are still in service today (over 40 years later) — proved their quality and simple convenience. I purchased the numerous pieces of manufacturing equipment and goodwill from my aunt in 2008 and moved to a larger location in Ironwood, Michigan. This location features updated capacity and sales and marketing offices under one roof.